Detroit and Des Moines!

Hi Readers!

Well, it’s been quite a few weeks- we definitely got a dose of reality when we were kicked out of the sunshine of Costa Mesa and shipped off to Detroit, where there was snow on the ground when we arrived at the gate! Although we were all sad to leave the warm weather, I have to say it made me feel nice to be closer to home in Detroit. Back in the eastern time zone! Detroit was crazy because we did 16 shows in a row- yes, I said 16 shows in a row! Because the trip was Costa Mesa to Detroit was so long, it took a few extra days for the set to get there and get set up, therefore, we had to open on a Thursday night, instead of a Tuesday night. Because of the late opening, we had to make up for the lost shows by doing 16 in a row! It actually was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. By the end, we were definitely exhausted, but we got through it and had lots of fun.

The theater in Detroit was tiny, but really charming and nice! The house was a bit smaller than usual, so we had slightly smaller audiences, but they were super responsive and wonderful. Luckily, my hotel was attached to the theater via skywalk, so I didn’t even have to go outside to get to work! How convenient!

Adam came to visit for the 1st weekend in Detroit and we checked out some awesome food spots. We went to a place called 3rd Street Bar that has a pie shop inside of it which was INCREDIBLE. Sweet AND savory pies! So awesome. We also checked out a wonderful mixology bar called The Sugar House- phenomenal drinks and bites to eat! We also tried an Italian restaurant called Ottava Via which was excellent. Seriously, Detroit food nailed it! Scenically, it might not have been my favorite city, but I definitely enjoyed myself. I also went with some cast mates for some awesome Greek food in Greektown at a restaurant called Santorini Estiatorio.

IMG_9224 IMG_9265

My cousin Samantha came to see the show! She is a freshman at University of Michigan, so she was able to drive over and see me! It was really nice to see her and meet her sorority sister! That night, we were also celebrating KTP’s last show before moving to Broadway for the next 3 months, so we all went out afterward, which was really fun.

One regret I have is that I wish I had gone to the auto show while I was there. I just didn’t get around to it, but it seemed like it was really cool, so, next time It’ll be a must see!

Next, it was off to Des Moines for a week- another place I’ve never been! I have to say, the week flew, and there was not much to do, but we had a nice time there as well. There was a big blizzard while we were there which made things a bit crazy. We were only staying a few minutes away from the theater, but the snow caused quite a drive! We did have a few people on vacation, out on personal days, so we had to do a few shows with split tracks- always exciting and fun! It was also Darius’ first week as Lola- he did an amazing job and the audiences went crazy! The audiences in Des Moines were the most enthusiastic crowds we have had thus far! We even had a standing ovation DURING the finale. Nope, not during bows, during the finale! Incredible! When we all realized on stage what was going on, we all started to cry, and it was this really incredible moment where we all realized what a powerful story we are telling across the country. It was so special.

Also in Des Moines, because our Music Director Adam Souza was on vacation, Ian Weinberger from NY came to fill in for Ryan, who filled in for Adam. Ian and I got along right away, but the craziest part about the whole situation was that he turned out to be a good friend of my best friend Janna. Such a small world. They went to college together, so it was fun to bond over that. And now I have a new friend in Ian!

So now, we are in Nashville! I know this wasn’t a very exciting entry, but I promise to spice it up soon!




San Fran and Costa Mesa!

Hello Kinky Readers!

HAPPY 2015!! 2014 was filled with a lot of wonderful memories and emotions. I started off the year newly married, fresh off of my honeymoon and ready to conquer the world. Waking up early and auditioning every morning, going to callbacks, dance classes, coachings, more auditions, etc. I adore being an actor, and I love working hard, but 4 months into 2015 and not booking job after job after job, I was starting to think that maybe 2014 wasn’t going to bring as much success in my professional life as I had hoped. But you just can’t think that way. I kept hustling and hustling and in April I found out that I was going to be part of this amazing KINKY BOOTS family- and I couldn’t be more grateful. So if there are any young actors out there reading this- don’t give up! Hustle! Learn! Work! Try! Fail! Get up again! Fail! Get up again! There are going to be peaks and valleys in any career. You’re working one day and the next you’re completely unemployed with no prospects. The key to this whole thing is perseverance , hard work, dedication, work ethic, talent, and then a tiny bit of luck. I promise if you commit yourself to busting your ass and absorbing as much knowledge as you can, something WILL happen:)

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, New Year, etc! Ours was pretty fabulous.

End of San Fran

Where we last left off, Adam was about to arrive to SF to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary and spend 2 weeks with me. I won’t bore you all with the cheesy sentiments and details, but it was truly a dream. Adam arranged the most incredible anniversary weekend for us that included a 2 night stay at a beautiful resort/spa in Yountville, Napa, dinner at The French Laundry and Ad Hoc, various wine tastings throughout Napa, and a hot air balloon ride over all of wine country. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! What the heck have I done to deserve this guy? Just incredible. It was a picture perfect weekend, with incredible weather and some of the most precious memories I will keep forever. Here are some photosIMG_8954 IMG_8909 IMG_8964 IMG_8917 IMG_3019 IMG_8948 IMG_8949 IMG_3121 IMG_8977 IMG_8984 IMG_8987 _MG_9467 _MG_9470 _MG_9488

– Adam and I got to see our good friends Eric and Emily and finally meet their beautiful baby, Ella! Gosh, she’s so grown up already and just so precious. Eric and Adam went to elementary-high school together and the last time Adam and I were in San Francisco, it was for their wedding! We got to spend time with them in their gorgeous home and have a yummy breakfast too! Then, they came to see the show. Truly, the best part of touring is getting to see our friends across the country!

-We had a company holiday party that unfortunately, I was unable to attend as it was the exact same night as my anniversary, but from what I hear, it was a blast. And we got some kick ass Kinky Boots holiday gifts, including a fleece vest with KB engraved on it. We sure will need that as we move onto Detroit next week! We also did Secret Santa during the holidays! So fun! I got Kate, one of our awesome stage managers, and I had fun getting her all of her favorite things- chocolates, wine, books, etc. Amelia Cormack, who plays Trish, had me, and she bought me some of my favorite things as well- A Chipotle gift card, wine, chocolate, and Amy Poehler’s new book!

-We celebrated Christmas at my cousins house- Scott cooked an amazing turkey sous vide with delicious sides and bread and cookies! I gained 5 pounds, but its FINE. Seriously, he’s such a talented cook, and I was so happy to get to spend the holidays with him and Howard. We also got to meet some of their friends who came over for the holidays. We had a lovely time.

-We were on a crazy busy holiday show schedule, so while it was lovely to spend the holidays in SF, we spent most of the time doing the show. It’s actually really enjoyable to perform for holiday audiences because they are usually extremely excited and upbeat. So while we got the day/night off on Christmas, to make up for that we did 2 Wednesday shows, 2 Friday shows, 2 Saturday shows and 2 Sunday shows. Rough on our bodies, but also really fun:)

– On the closing performance in San Francisco, Diane Keaton and Sarah Paulson came to see the show! We were all so excited backstage when we heard they would be there, and they were sweet enough to come backstage after the show and spend time with us/take photos, etc. They were both incredibly kind, generous, and complimentary of the show. I, of course, was freaking out like a little girl. Shocker. Then I got home to have a final dinner with Scott, Howard and Adam, and we (Scott) made homemade Cavatelli with Duck Ragu. You must be joking.

IMG_9053 IMG_9054 IMG_9057IMG_9060

– Other fun finds in San Fran- Patxi’s deep dish pizza- OMG. RoliRoti Chicken-amazing. Overall, I have mixed feelings about SF. A lot of wonderful things happened there, and a lot of annoying things happened there (coughlosingmykeyscough, crappy weather, bad traffic). I also didn’t love the area of town that the theater was in. However, the theater itself was quite beautiful and we had awesome audiences. I would love to spend more time in San Fran and Oakland, where I stayed, in the future.


-We arrived to Costa Mesa on Monday evening after a long drive down the coast that I did with Adam. Beautiful views. By the time we got here, we were exhausted. The hotel is gorgeous and though it has been incredible getting to spend so much time with family and friends in their homes, there is nothing like being in a hotel and throwing your towels on the floor only to find fresh new ones when you get home. 🙂

-New Years Eve! We were thrown a wonderful party with the entire company at a great restaurant across the street from the theater after our show. Lots of food and drink and dancing!

-We were lucky enough to be asked to perform at a wonderful benefit for a charity called The Illumination Foundation  ( which took place in one of the most gorgeous homes…well, mansions, I’ve ever seen or been in. We sang songs not from KINKY, which is always fun. On tour, we welcome any opportunity to continue honing our craft outside of the show, so getting to sing something from our own repertoire was really a treat. I sang “Back To Before” from RAGTIME. Here’s a clip! It’s really an amazing honor to get to part of these events. Even though we are usually quite tired on our night off, I know that I personally enjoy getting to sing anywhere and anytime I’m asked. And to get to give back in any small way is a privilege. Check out my instagram for some of the photos:

-We have a few more days in Costa Mesa to enjoy the warm weather before we head to Detroit- oh boy! I am not looking forward to the cold, but I have to say, getting back to the New York time zone is going to be AWESOME because it’s so difficult to speak to Adam when we are 3 hours apart. He wakes up so early for work and goes to bed early as well, usually when I’m just about to start my show. And when he wakes up in the morning, I’ve usually just fallen asleep, and by the time I wake up, he’s long done with his work day. So it’ll be nice to be on the same wavelength.

-We have 2 new cast members- Kenny Morris and Stewart Adam McKensy.  Kenny will be our new Mr. Price- David McDonald is leaving to join the cast of Broadway’s Dr. Zhivago. Stewart will be our new Angel swing/Lola Cover. Here’s the scoop. On Broadway, Billy Porter (Lola) will be taking a 3 month leave to work on some other projects. Our Lola, KTP, will be taking over for him in the role on Broadway and while he is there, our 2 Lola understudies, Darius Harper and J. Harrison Ghee will be alternating city by city in the role of Lola, which means we need a new swing. It’s wonderful to get to meet new cast members and rehearse with them. We have an understudy rehearsal today that they are present for, and a put-in rehearsal tomorrow for them as well. It keeps the show so fresh and exciting for us. Plus, it’s always fun to make new friends!

That’s about it for now! I am looking forward to all that 2015 has to bring 🙂 Thanks for reading!



LA and San Fran!

Hi readers,

I’ve got lots to catch you up on, so buckle up and enjoy!

After my last post, we spent another week in LA, which I really loved! Most exciting of all, I made my debut as Nicola- the principal role that I understudy. It was incredibly fun and I’ll write more about it below! A few bullet points on some more LA highlights

-Adam arrived on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and after my Wednesday night show, we went to PUMP! For those that don’t know, I’m unhealthily addicted to all things Real Housewives related, and Lisa Vanderpump is one of the housewives on the Beverly Hills version. She has a plethora of fancy restaurants/lounges in the LA/Beverly Hills area, and there was no way I was leaving LA without trying them out. Pump is an incredibly gorgeous lounge with the most beautiful olive garden- no literally, it’s an OLIVE GARDEN, with olive trees that have been flown in internationally and planted in this stunning garden. We were especially psyched because I had read on twitter an hour or so before we went that Lisa herself was there (she is there pretty often, mingling) and so after the show, we rushed over there, only to find out she had left 10 minutes before we arrived. Major bummer, but I was just so thrilled to be with Adam that I quickly forgot about it and enjoyed some amazing cocktails and food.


-Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a tough holiday to be away from family, but Adam and I tried to make the most of it and had a lovely day/evening together. We started out by doing a Warner Brothers Studio tour- it was really cool and super interesting- I wish we had a more engaging tour guide, but other than that, Adam and I had a wonderful time. We got to see the sound studios, walk on various sets, go behind the scenes in prop shops, etc. Really cool tour and I’m glad we did it. Best of all, we got to sit on the FRIENDS set!


After the tour, we went back to our beautiful Malibu home for the weekend (Thanks again, Jim Dooley!) and we took a little cat nap and got ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We decided to make reservations at a beautiful restaurant in West Hollywood, just the two of us. The restaurant and experience overall was wonderful and gorgeous, but the food was just OK. A bit of a disappointment, since Thanksgiving is all about THE FOOD, but in the end it’s all good.

-I found out on Thanksgiving that due to some various family emergencies going on in our cast, that I would be making my Nicola debut the next day. My immediate reaction was pure excitement, because Adam was in town and we would be able to buy him a ticket to see me make my debut in that role. Then I got that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I immediately told myself to shut it down. I know the role inside and out, and have done it plenty of times in rehearsals. I knew that I knew it, so I basically had to tell myself that there was no point in being nervous and jittery. Usually when I get the jitters-whether it be before a final callback or performing a major role- I’m unable to shake the jitters and it slides in to affect me in one way or another that I’m usually annoyed about. For whatever reason, I was able to forbid it this time and I am happy to say that although my heart was beating fast, I was calm, cool and collected, and thus gave a performance that I was truly proud of. My cast was incredibly supportive, warm and generous. It made me so unbelievably happy to know that they had my back. I could feel the love radiating from them, but it meant the world to me. Plus knowing that Adam was out there watching, I was so thrilled. Another wonderful treat- Our director, Jerry Mitchell, happened to be in town that evening for the performance and got to see me do the role. Below are some photos from my debut!

IMG_8491 IMG_8492 IMG_8493 IMG_8551 IMG_8516 IMG_8515 IMG_8518 IMG_8550 IMG_8552 IMG_8528 IMG_8549 IMG_8548IMG_8547

– We also celebrated our 100th performance in LA! YAY!


-Adam and I enjoyed many more LA experiences/restaurants together including, Spago (Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant- outstanding), Cafe Gratitude (Vegan/raw/organic restaurant- delicious), Bazaar by Jose Andres (PHENOMENAL- RUN, DO NOT WALK), hiking Runyon Canyon (Adam loved it!), and Pizzeria Mozza (Mario Batali’s pizzeria, excellent). We had such a great time and though I officially despise LA traffic like everyone said I would, I really did love LA and could see myself spending more time there in the future. I have concluded that while I don’t know that I would want to live there, I would go back and explore more!


Early Monday morning, I woke up and made the 5.5 hour drive to San Francisco. I adore driving, so I was really looking forward to some time out on the open road with me, myself, and my Ipod. The drive was smooth, quick, and easy. I arrived to San Francisco somewhere around 2-3pm. We are in San Francisco for an entire month (Dec 1-28) and my mother’s cousin Howard (my first cousin, once removed) and his husband Scott, have welcomed me to stay in their beautiful Oakland home for the entire month- talk about generosity. It’s really wonderful to be with family, especially during the holidays. Scott is an EXTRAORDINARY home cook and has been spoiling me left and right with his outstanding skills and recipes. Howard and Scott keep such a gorgeous home so it has been a complete joy staying with them so far. Check out some of the deliciousness we (cough, Scott, cough) have concocted so far. Is it clear I’m in total heaven? Check out Scott’s twitter:

and Instagram:

or his blog:

for more of his amazing cooking/baking adventures. He’s incredible.

IMG_8607 IMG_8622 IMG_8676 IMG_8683 IMG_8701 IMG_8702

The theater in San Francisco is quite beautiful. I can’t say the neighborhood in which it is located is my favorite, but I really like the more intimate, old school theater. The walls are stunning. Check this out.


-In San Francisco, we have seen many understudies and swings make their debuts in various different tracks which is so exciting. It is so amazing to get support from your tour family and get to give it back to others- it’s a never ending chain and we are all there for each other which makes this experience even sweeter. I am really proud of the comradery we have developed in this company.

– I got to see one of my great friends from high school, Jenna! She came to see the show last week with her boyfriend, Paul. They are both medical students at Stanford and it was a blast getting to catch up with them and do dinner. Getting to see your friends in various parts of the country is what makes tour even more special.

– We sang at a lovely benefit on our night off, Monday, for The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation. It was a holiday benefit, and I got to sing a beautiful song called “My Grown Up Christmas List.” It’s always an honor to sing for charity and it was a wonderful use of our day off. Plus we had a blast at the after party! IMG_8636 10419399_10152684412338411_3977738559126764125_n

– The weather here in SF has been pretty awful. Terrible winds, rain, and cold! This area has been in quite a drought for some time, so I know they need the rain, but seriously?! This has been pure insanity. Since the theater isn’t in my favorite part of town, it’s tough to get around to other areas when the weather is so bleak.

-We went wine tasting in Sonoma! About 20 of us gathered onto a bus and got a beautiful tour through wine country, organized by SF’s own Anne Tolpegin and Lindsay Nicole Chambers. We went to Anne’s parents house in Sonoma, drove through some gorgeous scenery and went to 3 wineries. We also had a lovely Italian meal back in SF at the end of the night. I thought life couldn’t get any better. I thought everything was going swimmingly. I slept over Grace’s place because I didn’t feel safe driving home after a whole day of drinking and I woke up the next morning only to discover that the keys to my rental car had disappeared somewhere unbeknownst to me. GREAT! Of course, I freaked out and was beside myself- how could I have been so irresponsible? I’m one of those crazy type A people who are scary organized and never procrastinate and here I am, keyless. I never did find them, and my best guess is that somewhere along the way, I went to pay for something at a winery and didn’t shut my bag, and maybe they fell out. Pretty upsetting. So hundreds of dollars worth of locksmith fees later, I have a new pair of keys and all is well in the world… i guess. OOF. Not my finest moment.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now. Adam arrives TOMORROW to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! He has the most amazing celebration planned, including a 2 night stay in Yountville in Napa Valley, visits to incredible wineries, and the creme de la creme, RESERVATIONS AT FRENCH LAUNDRY! For those that aren’t familiar, French Laundry is one of the top 50 restaurants in the world and one of the top 10 in the country. It is nearly impossible to get a reservation, and it takes about a year and a half to get one. Therefore, I have no idea how Adam managed to score this, but I am overwhelmed with excitement. I’ve been wanting to go there for the longest time, and it will be so special to celebrate our anniversary there. We are also dining at another one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants on Monday night, Ad Hoc- also outstanding. Can’t wait! I also have a major anniversary surprise for him, but I can’t reveal it on here- he might read this 😉

Until next time!



Denver and LA!

Hi Kinky Readers!

Life has been pretty fabulous- this tour is such a blast to be on- the show, the people, the cities- I’m having so much fun exploring and performing.

Last time I wrote, I had just arrived in Denver, and now I have just one week left of LA. So, let’s go back and talk a little bit about DENVER!

I had a blast staying with my friend Julia and her adorable baby boy, Elias. We got to bond and play- such fun. It was also wonderful to get to see Julia and spend time exploring Louisville and Boulder- really lovely.


Julia’s home was wonderful and so comfy! It is truly so nice to be in a home after spending so much time in hotels. It was a bit of a drive from her home to the theater, but I actually quite enjoyed it. I love driving! I only had major traffic one night, and other than that, it was smooth sailing. Julia also came to see the show, which was awesome. I love having friends in the audience in unfamiliar cities.

On both weekends, I transferred my stuff 7 minutes away to our friends Eric and Laura’s house, also in Louisville. They have twin boys, Finn and Will, who were an absolute blast to spend time with. Adam and Eric met at a music conference in college and have remained close ever since. When Adam visited on both weekends, he wanted to spend time with their family, so we stayed there, which was also lovely and comfy! We got to play with the boys, go on petty cab rides, be outside in their yard, and cook- well, Eric cooked, at least. YUM! Below are me and the boys, Will and Finn, as well as a photo of us with Eric and Laura.


We had lots of great meals in Denver, near the theater and in Louisville. We walked around the city, went to the 16th street mall, went bowling,  Eric took Adam up to Red Rock, which I hear was beautiful. Adam and I tried a wonderful restaurant called Vesta Dipping Grill, one of Denver’s top restaurants. It’s a place that’s known for their various sauces, so each entree you ordered came with 3 choices of sauce on the side. We really loved it. It was also nice to get to spend time with Grace’s mom, Mary, who was in town as well. We had drinks and snacks after the shows on multiple nights and even found an amazing champagne bar in Larimer Square called Corridor 44- delicious.

The theater in Denver was gorgeous and HUGE. It was seriously a maze backstage and it took me a solid few days to get my bearings and figure out how to get from my dressing room to the stage. The audiences continued to be fabulous and so responsive- we are so lucky to have some of the greatest audiences, ever!

We celebrated HALLOWEEN in Denver! Now, I’m usually not such a big fan of Halloween. First of all, I hate spending time/energy/money on something I am going to wear once, and I just don’t find the holiday in general to be all that exciting, Plus, picking a fun/witty/creative costume stresses me out for some reason. So when Sarah, our makeup supervisor approached me about being part of an Addams Family costume, I immediately told her, SURE, as long as you help me and tell me what to wear! I was chosen to be Uncle Fester, how appropriate! So I got to wear a bald cap and get my makeup done by Sarah, who is seriously phenomenal. We had a total blast, and everyone loved our costume. Some of our crew members threw us a company Halloween party at one of the hotels, which was awesome and lots of fun. Enjoy the photos! Don’t I look sexy?

IMG_8105 IMG_8073 IMG_8075 IMG_8076 IMG_8078 IMG_8085 IMG_8104 IMG_8094 IMG_8095 IMG_8099 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8102

Next, we were off to LA. It was really great, because Adam was with me in Denver and traveled with me to LA. Not only do I cherish every moment I get to spend with my husband, but it was especially wonderful having him to lug around my 200 pounds of crap I travel on tour with me 😉 We flew early Monday morning and picked up our rental car. We drove to Malibu, which is where we stayed for one night with our good friend, Jim, who has an absolutely stunning house here. Jim was a wonderful tour guide for the day, driving us all over Los Angeles, from Rodeo Drive, to the Griffith Observatory, all the way to Hollywood. We had an amazing and very chic lunch at Fred’s, at the top of Barney’s in Beverly Hills. My gosh, everyone is just so beautiful here. I have never been to LA and neither has Adam, so we were both totally loving it. We got to see the Hollywood sign at the top of the Griffith Observatory- too cool, and then we went to visit the hand/footprints in Hollywood. We also  had a phenomenal dinner at a restaurant in Malibu called Moonshadows.

IMG_2864 IMG_2868 IMG_2871 IMG_2882 IMG_2907 IMG_2910 IMG_2913 IMG_2921

The next morning, Adam drove with me back to downtown LA where I checked into the Biltmore hotel (AKA, the Ghostbusters movie hotel) for the week. Apparently, it’s haunted, and let me tell you- I felt like it was haunted, especially the first night! All throughout the night, I kept hearing odd noises and voices. So freaky! But, it was a beautiful hotel and I really loved staying there. Adam then had to leave- boo- so I drove him to the airport and got ready for opening night!

Opening Night in LA was amazing- the creative team was there, Jerry, Cyndi, Harvey, Stephen, as well as our amazing producers. I was able to invite Jim, my lovely host in Malibu, as well as his beautiful and sweet girlfriend, Brooke, to the opening night performance and party afterwards. The party was held at Beso, which is Eva Longoria and Todd English’s restaurant right in Hollywood. The show went wonderfully and the party was a blast! It was so nice to get dressed up and see our whole Kinky Boots family- a truly incredible night! IMG_2934 IMG_2936 IMG_2938 IMG_2943 IMG_8188 IMG_8204

Some other fun things I’ve done in LA so far:

– A Hollywood mansion tour-OMG- a must do! We got to drive through the Hollywood Hills as well as Beverly Hills and check out celebrity houses- Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Quentin Tarantino, Jonah Hill, Aaron Paul, Drew Carey, Courtney Cox, Bruno Mars, Ceelo Green, Justin Timberlake, Halle Berry, just to name a few. Of course, being the entertainment junkie that I am, I was in awe the entire time and on the edge of my seat. What. A. Stalker.

– Runyon Canyon hike with my friend from college, Alanna, who moved out here recently! Alanna is an awesome tour guide and showed me around LA a bunch- we did The Grove, Santa Monica, Runyon, etc. The hike was difficult, and I am determined to go back with Adam and take a stab at one of the even harder trails. I really enjoyed it which is very unlike me. I’m notorious for hating nature. My husband likes to point out (accurately) how I consider the roof deck at our NYC apartment nature, and I don’t even enjoy sitting out there.But the sights out here are so phenomenal, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy being outdoors. It’s so wonderful getting to spend time with Alanna out here- she’s a blast and one of my great friends!

IMG_8396 IMG_8398 IMG_8395 IMG_8399 IMG_8403

-A ladies dinner with all (well, most) of the gals from Kinky Boots. I organized a little casual dinner in between shows one night at The Bowery (in Hollywood) for the ladies of Kinky Boots. It’s always nice to spend time with them all!


-Clubs! Grace, Emily (her sister), and I, made sure to check out some awesome clubs in LA. I have to say, I enjoy the scene out here. We even partied with Urkel one night (well, the actor who played him at least!) Grace loves doing makeup, and so one night she beat my face before we out for the evening and Grace Stockdale’d me. Enjoy.

10394500_10153417170858298_6168180944783575239_n IMG_8370 IMG_8373

-We are currently collecting money for BCEFA (Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids)- a wonderful charity that the Broadway community supports. Besides signed posters, backstage tours, other fun swag, one of the items available for purchase is a raffle ticket that you can put into a drawing to win a walk on role in our show, here in LA. The winner of the first raffle was a sweet man named Chris Ryan, who had never been on stage before! He got to be in 4 different scenes and did an awesome job. Here’s a pic of us with him before he went on, in drag! So much fun and such a clever idea for charity! IMG_8435

-We’ve gone to some amazing meals, like The Ivy, Villa Blanca, Hugo’s, Cafe Gratitude, and when Adam comes we are trying Spago, Osteria Mozza, Pump, Bazaar, and I’m sure plenty more! All delicious. Below are some photos from The Ivy and Hugo’s (where I met up with some of my college girlfriends, Amy, Carrie and Alanna). Carrie and Alanna came to the show that night, which I loved!

10270475_2289872000616_7754072844315307207_n 10420381_10153424364158298_896126260269375553_n

-Got to spend time with my friend Jenny out in Santa Clarita and got a lovely tour of that area as well! Also saw my name twin, Blair Goldberg, for dinner! Yes, I have a friend, who is male, named Blair Goldberg. You can’t make this shit up.

-After a week at the Biltmore, I moved back to Malibu to spend some time at Jim’s place again, this time for a more extended stay. It is simply beautiful out here and I am so comfortable and cozy. Take a look at the view I wake up to every morning. I am so thankful to him for letting me stay!


Adam gets here Wednesday and will stay with me, here in Malibu through Sunday, when he will leave and I will begin my trip to San Francisco. I will be driving there by myself, and am really looking forward to it! I’ll be staying the majority of the time with my cousins, Scott and Howard, who I adore and can’t wait to see! Plus, my one year wedding anniversary will be in SF, 12/21, and Adam says he has something special planned! I cannot wait!!

Anyway, that’s all for now! Thanks for reading- I know this was a long post! Hope you all enjoyed!



Our last week in Seattle!

Our last week in Seattle proved to be lots of fun and in the end, we were all sad to leave! It was quite rainy the last week in Seattle- we had heard about this city’s reputation, but the weather had been beautiful up until the last week. Regardless of the rain, we still got to try out some awesome places. Also, for those who want to follow me on Instagram, I keep most of my travel photos on here.

We went to a cool bar called Rob Roy’s that is known for mixology, followed by a dive bar called Shorty’s which features a pinball arcade. I usually am not a big fan of dive bars, but I was pretty obsessed with the atmosphere here.1899920_10153346430553298_6238158564852844175_n 10481887_10153346235748298_5043710110867941830_n


The next day was a day off and I used it to just RELAX and reboot, which was lovely.

With the end of my Seattle time fast approaching, I knew I had to get to Salumi, Mario Batali’s fathers restaurant. I took a cab there and waited on line in the pouring rain for an HOUR- yes, an HOUR. But let me tell you, when I finally got my food, it was hands down, one of the very best sandwiches I have ever had. The Batali family NEVER disappoints. Below is a pic of the sandwich I got, known as their October special- prosciotto, fontina and caramelized apples- OMG. I also figured since the wait was so long and I would only be here once, that I’d pick up a meatballs sandwich for later, which was even more incredible. WOWIMG_7952 IMG_7954

I described the theater last week, but didn’t post a photo- here is a picture of the ceiling at the beautiful 5th Avenue Theater


We were also lucky enough to have our phenomenal director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell in town with us for our last week in Seattle. He watched the show numerous times and we had a great rehearsal with him on Friday morning. It is always so nice to see him and work with him- he’s truly so inspiring and FUN to work with.

Also in Seattle:

-we had an amazing and delicious BBQ thrown by producers at the 5th Ave Theater who also were/are producers on KINKY BOOTS. They were so sweet and had their Tony Awards on display at the BBQ- how cool to get to touch a real Tony Award! It won’t be my last time, fingers crossed! 😉

– Damien Brett, a cast mate and friend of mine has been promising me for months now that he would create a scavenger hunt for me backstage at some point. It was at first a total joke, but then I started pressuring him and ignoring him completely until he agreed to give me what he promised;) So finally, during our last week in Seattle, I walked into the dressing room to be hand delivered clue #1 by Lauren Chapman, and so the scavenger hunt began. Some of the clues were super tough and took me awhile to figure out, but at the end of the arduous task, I found my treasure- a bag full of delicious chocolates, and all of my favorite ones, at that! Thanks, Damien!



– Our hotel in Seattle had an amazing gym across the street that I loved getting to work out in. I really adore working on my fitness 😉



-On our last night in Seattle, a bunch of us had an awesome dinner at Steelhead Diner, right in Pike’s Place Market, followed by a trip to an amazing Haunted House by Kube93 at the Georgetown Morgue. I was thoroughly horrified and latched onto my friends for the entire time. But, I did it! And was able to sleep afterwards, which I was happily surprised about! It was a wonderful farewell to Seattle. We will miss this city greatly!



Monday morning, bright and early, we boarded the bus and headed off to the airport to fly to Denver. I arrived here, rented a car, and drove out to my good friend Julia’s house to stay with her for the next few weeks! Julia was my tutor and wrangler when I was a child working on Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway, and we have always remained close friends. She just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 5 months ago, and I am so excited and grateful to be spending them while I’m here. Elias, her baby, is such a delight, I am totally in love with him!

Adam gets here this weekend and when he is here we will spending time with our friends Eric and Laura, as well as their two twin boys, William and Finn! They happen to live about 5-10 minutes away from Julia, so it’s so great that we can spend time with both of them. I’m excited to see Adam and explore Colorado!

Last night, Tuesday, we had a night off, which is rare. We start performances, tonight, Wednesday. Last night, we all went to yet another haunted house called the 13th floor. It was a bit longer than than the previous haunted house we had been to in Seattle, but I found the first one to be slightly scarier. Or maybe I was just more prepared this time. Who knows. Regardless, we had the best time running through the house as a cast



And that’s about all! We have a party being thrown for opening night after the show tonight which I’m looking forward to. Now, I’m off to play with the baby:)




Portland and Seattle!

Hi readers! I apologize that I haven’t been posting all too much- I was waiting for my photo blog to be released, so I wanted to save a lot of fun info/photos for that- for those who missed it, here is the link!



We were in Portland for one week and overall, I enjoyed it. It felt like a version of Brooklyn to me, and I’m not the hugest Brooklyn fan, but it was still a really fun city with wonderful audiences. When we arrived in Portland, we headed out to Voodoo Doughnuts, which is a 24/7 doughnut spot that Portland is known for. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away, but I was! I had an Old Dirty Bastard doughnut- Chocolate glaze with peanut butter and Oreo. Thoroughly impressed. A bunch of the gals were as well! Then we went for a cute dinner in the heart of Portland.

IMG_7679 IMG_7682 IMG_7687

The week of Portland was not overly exciting for me, and that was due to the fact that I chose to go on a juice cleanse for 3 days. So I started the day after the doughnuts and continued through Friday. I just wanted to feel a little healthier and get back on track, food wise, and I have to say, I felt great! I snuck a few pieces of cheese here and there, but overall, I was proud of myself for sticking with my cleanse. It was tough to avoid all of the food trucks here- Portland is known for their food trucks- but I stayed strong!

In Portland, I got to meet up with a friend of mine, Brian Strumwasser. We went to high school together, and it was a wonderful coincidence that he was in town the same week I was! We went to an adorable place after the show with his friend, Cortney, called Veritable Quandry. Although I didn’t enjoy any food there, everyone around me seemed to love it!

Also in Portland, Grace and I did our weekly ladies day and walked down by the marina and through some beautiful parks in Portland. It was interesting seeing the people of Portland- very hipster/grunge/90’s. Lots of fun people watching. We also couldn’t resist and went shopping at the mall….oops.

IMG_2750 IMG_2752 IMG_7711

The theater in Portland was quite nice! The backstage area was a quite sizable and the gals and I shared a huge dressing room with lots of space to spread out for the week. I also really enjoyed chatting with the local crew. They were super sweet and gave me lots of food recommendations that I could fantasize about without actually eating it. 😦

In Portland, we had a put in rehearsal for some of our understudies who were/are scheduled to go on in the near future. A put-in rehearsal is when the entire cast comes in for the day and runs through the show with full lights/set, partial band, and partial costumes. Usually, the people who the put-in is for wear costumes, and the rest of the cast wears street clothes with mics. This is to give the actors who will be making their understudy debut’s feel comfortable and get a shot at it before the big night. Not all understudies get this opportunity, so it’s nice for them when it happens. Imagine, you’re an understudy going on for your track for the first time- you know the role by heart, you are familiar with when the costume changes occur, but you’ve never done it with the lights, the actual set moving, the costume changes, etc. There are so many elements that can throw you off or trip you up, that it becomes a very nervewracking experience if you aren’t fully prepared. Luckily, we’ve got the best in the biz here on this tour, so all of our understudies are very prepared and quite calm! Nevertheless, as an understudy myself, there is always an element of HOLY $@&!

The crowds outside of the theater in Portland were so incredibly warm and excited to see us- it made us really happy to see! It always amazes and delights me how wonderful the audiences are in every city. And it’s really fun for me to listen to how different audiences react to the same jokes/story lines in the show. Our country is so diverse, and one of the most exciting parts of tour for me is that the show is always fresh because each city brings an entirely new type of audience.

On Monday morning, one week after we had arrived in Portland, we took a bus drive to our next city, Seattle. Most of the time, we fly from city to city, but when it is such a short drive, like from Portland to Seattle (less than 4 hours), we take a bus. I enjoy taking the bus because it means that I don’t have to worry about my constantly overweight luggage and I can just throw my stuff into a suitcase and watch a movie on the bus. I watched Chef during my ride to Seattle- I had been wanting to watch it for a while- but I thought it was just alright. Regardless, we were all excited to get to Seattle because it meant a 3 week sit down!



I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Seattle. I had heard it rains quite a bit and is overall just a gloomy city. I am happy to report that we have had pretty fantastic weather thus far (we are currently 1.5 weeks in) and I have really explored and enjoyed this city so far. First of all, we are staying right in the heart of Seattle which is incredible. On the night we arrived, a few of us went to go see Gone Girl- if you haven’t read the book and/or seen the movie, I highly recommend it. The next morning, Grace and I went down to Pike’s Place market and checked out the fish market, the world’s first Starbucks, the various shops, etc. We found an amazing spot called The Truffle Cafe that sells/samples all truffle products- no, not the chocolate kind, the delicious fungus kind. We were so over the moon excited, we spent almost 45 minutes in there, sampling, talking to the owner, and then buying some delicious truffle spreads/oils/salts. We were in total heaven. IMG_7799 IMG_7801 IMG_7802 IMG_7804 IMG_7806

IMG_2755 IMG_2757


We also checked out Chihuly gardens which was seriously stunning. I am not a huge artsy/museum person, but I was blown away by the beauty of this exhibit. Dale Chihuly’s work is mindblowing.

IMG_7843 IMG_7845 IMG_7846 IMG_7844 IMG_7848 IMG_7842


The Seattle theatre is stunning. It looks like an old, Vaudeville type house with Asian influences. Gorgeous. And the backstage area, though tight, is very comfy and feels like home already. Being in a city for 3 weeks really allows us to get comfortable and enjoy ourselves, so we are all happy as clams. The local crew/dressers, are fabulous and sweet! The only unfortunate thing so far is that a bunch of us have been catching colds- including myself. Luckily, I haven’t had to call out of any shows, but I haven’t been feeling my best. Luckily, it seems to be on its way out of my system, so I’m grateful for that.

This week in Seattle has also been fun for me because I’ve begun rehearsing my understudy track for Nicola. It’s really fun to get to work on that character and see the arc of the show from a different angle. Plus, she gets to wear the most fabulous costumes/shoes/handbags throughout the show so I’m having a great time taking a break from my factory worker jeans:)


Adam visited Friday-Monday which was so nice! We did so many awesome things together, including the Space Needle, the ferry to Bainbridge, and trying out local food spots such as Pie Bar, Purple Wine Bar, Tilikum Place Cafe, Serious Pie (best pizza we have ever had, no joke), Il Teriazzo Carmine, and Pink Door. All of the ones just listed were seriously phenomenal and must try places for anyone who is going to visit Seattle. Below are some photos from our Seattle weekend together:)

IMG_7866 IMG_7879 IMG_7891 IMG_7882 IMG_7881 IMG_7901


So, that’s all for now! We have one more week or so in Seattle and the one major thing still on my list is to visit Salumi, which is Mario Batali’s father’s sandwich shop in Seattle. I am a HUGE Mario Batali fan- he’s a celebrity chef, seriously amazing and one of my favorites. His father’s shop is only open Tues-Fri- 11a-3p, so it’s been tough to get there with understudy rehearsal, but I’m thinking maybe next week i’ll try to squeeze it in.


Thanks for reading!! xo




Tempe and San Diego!

Hi readers!! Lot’s to catch up on! But before we do, just a quick heads up. I wanted to let you all know that I haven’t been posting too many photos because I am going to be doing a special photo blog feature with PLAYBILL.COM that will be coming out in the somewhat near future. I’ve been wanting to save the most interesting/fun photos for them, so that is why I haven’t been posting too many. However, not to fear, I’ve got lots to talk about and definitely some photos to show. Be on the lookout for the photo blog-I will post it here and on Facebook/Twitter as well:) Playbill is the BEST and I am thrilled they asked me to do a feature!

I enjoyed Tempe thoroughly! We were only there for a week, but I have lots to share. The first night we arrived in Tempe was a bit of a blur- everything happened really quickly. It was our first “jump” on tour- meaning that it was the first time we had moved from one city to another and had to get the show ready to go in time for an audience with no wiggle room. When we arrived at the new theater on Tuesday, we immediately had a meeting in the lobby with stage and company management. They explained lots of housekeeping things, such as the layout of the new theater, opening night party, etc. We checked out our dressing rooms, and met our new dressers. Our first show in Tempe was a packed house with a wonderful audience. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties (one of the backdrop walls for the final Milan fashion show scene got stuck), we had to pause the show right before the big finale! The audience was very understanding and as soon as we started the show back up, they jumped right back on board. That was a new experience for me- I have never been in a show when it had to stop midway! I knew our team was on top of it, so I wasn’t overly concerned- but it was interesting, for sure! The rest of the week, performance wise, went amazingly well. The houses were totally packed nightly and the audiences were extremely receptive. We met lots of young college students who are pursuing theater in some form- the theater in Tempe is on the campus of ASU, so it was really fun to get to interact with students who are passionate about the arts. And to be on a college campus again brought back lots of fun memories for me.


Some highlights from Tempe:

-The theater threw us a beautiful opening night party at a wonderful restaurant called La Bocca- just down the road from the theater. Lots of delicious food and drink were served and we got to interact with a lot of patrons who were really excited to be there. It’s always lovely when a theater throws us a party to welcome us into town- it’s such fun to meet the locals and feel connected to the theater we are performing in for the week(s).

-We were thrown another incredible party by a lovely patron of the theater, David Horowitz. He has a beautiful home in Phoenix and invited us all there for dinner and drinks after our Thursday night performance. It was unbelievably generous and we all had a great time. The food was excellent and everything was homemade and delicious. It’s always really nice when we get to be in a home while on tour. We spend so much time carrying around luggage, moving from hotel to hotel, that being in a home really makes us feel special. His partner and friends were all so kind and made us feel really welcomed. Below is a picture from the party.IMG_2703 IMG_2712


-I was so SO SO SO SO happy to see the parents of one of my good friends, Kim Sweet, in AZ. They came to see the show and took me out to the most wonderful dinner beforehand at a place called House Of Tricks- highly recommend. Absolutely phenomenal food. It was so nice to see them and get to spend time with them- they moved out here from New York a few years ago. Wonderful people and a beautiful couple!



-Other highlights-We went to see THE GIVER, celebrated Tommy Martinez’s birthday at an arcade called GameWorks, and went to a delicious and fun oyster bar on the night of our last night called Casey Moores. It was also the debut of our swing, Jeff Kuhr, who went on for one of our factory workers, as well as Stephen Carrasco, who went on for another factory worker. Go swings! Swings are actors who do not perform in the show nightly, but cover multiple roles (tracks) in the show. They are the heroes of the show, the ones with the toughest jobs (in my opinion)- and we have amazing swings:)  Tempe, you did NOT let us down!


SAN DIEGO!!! You guys, what can I say? This city was absolutely mindblowingly phenomenal. I am truly in love and am anxiously awaiting my return. We arrived in San Diego on Monday and I knew from the moment we left the airport and drove past the marina that this was going to be a special city.

-The first night we arrived, we had a tacky tacky gift exchange party for Tommy Martinez’s birthday. Basically, everyone has to buy the tackiest gift they can find and it’s a big exchange- people roll dice (die, sp?!) to see who gets to pick a gift first, then there is a round of exchanging/swapping gifts- its basically pure and utter chaos and so much fun. So many laughs…..

IMG_7611 IMG_7615 IMG_7616

-On our first full day of San Diego, we went to La Jolla Cove and snorkeled- I only snorkeled for a little bit- I got freaked out by the massive amounts of seaweed and seals swimming directly under us, but it was simply beautiful and an experience I won’t forget. The other snorkelers were braver than me- shout out to Bonnie, Lauren, Crystal and Steve! We also went to the San Diego Zoo- a must see if you’re in town! I am not a huge animal person in general- I know, I know, judge me all you want- but I really enjoyed myself and thought the park was gorgeous. We saw everything from pandas to monkeys to giraffes to elephants to rhinos!

-The San Diego Civic Theater is quite beautiful. Lots of backstage space and the sweetest local crew/hair/dressers. Luckily, we had a smooth first night and week of shows. The audiences were incredible and we met some truly lovely people. This week was our swing, Crystal Kellogg’s debut! She went on for Lauren Chapman in the ensemble while Lauren was backstage watching another role that she understudies. She will be going on next week for a lead so she needed a few shows where she could put all of her focus on the lead role she will be playing. That is what we call “swinging out.” It gives the swings a chance to go on and the person stepping out a chance to observe their understudy track.

-On our second full day in San Diego, Grace Stockdale (who plays Nicola) and I went to brunch at an amazing restaurant called Cafe 21. We also checked out Extraordinary Desserts, and yes, it was extraordinary. Most importantly, we got flu shots at CVS to make sure we stay healthy! We had such a nice girls day, exploring and trying lots of yummy treats. 10678665_10153267196103298_3439362805171472292_n


-Adam arrived on Wednesday evening and we tried an excellent restaurant post show called Searsucker. It’s a Top Chef restaurant, and being a huge fan of that show, I was excited to try it! It didn’t disappoint. The next day, Adam and I checked out Cornado Beach- stunning. San Diego, seriously, you are something special! Adam stayed through Sunday and we tried a bunch of different places- Hash House a Go-Go, Donovan’s, Cucina Urbana, Mission! We also checked out Altitude, a rooftop bar/club at the top of the Marriot with a 360 degree view of San Diego. We visited Seaport Village and the Suspension Bridge as well. I really wish we were here for another week, there are so many more places I want to try. I suppose I’ll have to return:)

That’s all for now! I promise, more photos to come…..just saving a lot of them for Playbill:)


Next up, Portland!

Bye-bye, Vegas! Hello, Tempe!

Hello readers! We’ve made it through our first city, and are now officially on City #2- Tempe, AZ! We arrived yesterday afternoon after a somewhat easy travel day. But first, let me catch you all up!

Our last week in Vegas was bittersweet. It was a relief for all of our wallets and diets to get out of Sin City, but it also holds special memories and lots of wonderful “firsts.” Vegas will always be where everything came together for the first time- where we opened our show, where special bonds began to form. Regardless, the entire cast is in agreement that we don’t need to see a blackjack or roulette table for a verrrrrrrryyyyy long time.

Last week was filled with more visits from family and lots of running around the strip, downtown, and of course, doing shows every night! Wednesday we had a two show day, which is not normally in our schedule- but we had it instead of a 2 show day on Sunday. It was really great because a lot of our friends in other Vegas shows were able to come see us since it fit perfectly with their schedules- even my friend I mentioned in my last blog from my Annie Get Your Gun days was able to make it! Shoutout to David Villellla! So great seeing him! Last week also brought more wig fittings and costume fittings- this time for my understudy track, Nicola. Each role in the show needs to be covered by at least 2 people, so every understudy has to have their own set of wigs and costumes for each role. Our hair/costume team was busy this week getting that stuff ready, should anyone need to go on for another track. I loved trying those costumes on- Nicola gets to wear such beautiful and classic costumes!

My mom and friends (Meryl + Lew) arrived Friday and being that my mom has never been to Vegas, we walked her on the strip, taught her how to play blackjack, ate some yummy food, etc etc. They saw the show Friday night and loved it! We made sure to check out The Heart Attack Grill, which has been featured on the Food Network quite a bit and a place I’ve always wanted to try. It is a restaurant that only serves ridiculously high caloric menu items. If you don’t finish all of your food, you get spanked, and I mean, REALLY spanked, by the waitresses with a paddle. All diners have to wear a hospital gown while eating, all waitresses are dressed as nurses, and all waiters dressed as doctors. Wine is served out of an IV bag, well drinks are served in prescription bottles, you get the drift. It was definitely disgusting, but in the funnest way possible, and I’m glad I can say I went. It was an experience, for sure.

Perhaps the personal highlight for me was on Sunday night, our cast was offered tickets to see O at the Bellagio. I have been wanting to see that show for awhile, being a big fan of Cirque du Soleil! We had the most incredible seats and the show was absolutely magical. Genius. A bunch of us also had a lovely meal at Yellowtail beforehand, in the Bellagio.

Packing  up at the theater to leave Vegas was a process. Our trunks, which the company travels for us, had to be locked up by Saturday afternoon, so we were all scrambling to stuff our trunks full of whatever we could to save us as much space in our checked luggage as possible. We are allowed 2 bags (50 lbs each) plus a trunk that the company travels. Let’s just say, once again, my baggage was overweight, but unlike the first flight from NY to Vegas (when they let me check my overweight bags for free), this airline was strict and charged me the overweight fees- as they should! I am an awful packer and a very unrealistic one at that- so when we arrived in Tempe, after much debate, I dumped a bunch of things I don’t really need into a bag, took it UPS, and shipped it home. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ll be going shopping while on the road, and if I always have stuffed luggage, that doesn’t allow me to buy anything.

During our last show on Sunday, we were busy packing up our makeup kits, our slippers/robes/personal items and our dressers were busy packing up our costumes. It really is such a crazy and fascinating process to me. The fact that every single piece that goes into making this show what it is has to get packed up and traveled each week or so is mind boggling. The fact that our crew takes down and rebuilds the set every week or so is incredible to me. I don’t know, or want to know, the logistics of how it all works, but all I know is that tonight I will arrive at the Tempe theater and everything will be set up neatly and completed, and that, to me, is magic.

Tonight we will meet our new dressers as well as our local hair crew. We will also have a sound check on stage to make sure all of the levels are ready to go for a successful show tonight. We don’t get rehearsal time in each city, so it’s up to everyone to work as a team and maximize the little time we do have before opening night in each city. We also always have a company meeting when we get to each city, to discuss the logistics of each theater, do a walk through of the backstage, etc. Every theater is laid out completely differently- so to get from stage right to stage left to make your entrance on time might be different in each city. In order to make sure our show is successful starting from night 1, the actors have to familiarize themselves with the layout- where our dressing rooms are in regards to the stage, where the hair room is in regards to the stage, where we do our quick changes, etc. To me, that is what keeps the show fresh. We are always on our toes because we are always in brand new theaters. After the show tonight, the ASU Gammage Center (where we are performing) is throwing us an opening night party! Looking forward to it!

Now, I have a few hours before I have to be at the theater. I am going to head over to Nordstrom to try on some bridesmaids dresses for my best friend, Janna’s, wedding! Her wedding is in June and I cannot wait!! I’ll be a bridesmaid and will be taking the weekend off to be there with her. Being away from home during this exciting time for her is difficult, but going to try these dresses on makes me feel connected and like i’m still a part of the planning, even though I’m miles away. Love ya, Bonner!

Anyway, that’s all for now. If there are specific things that people are curious about or want to hear more about, feel free to comment or ask- I want to keep this blog interesting for anyone and everyone who might be following my journey….



First performances and Opening Night!!

Hello! Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has reached out and let me know that they are enjoying reading this blog- It’s lot of fun for me to do, so I’m glad people are digging it!

This week/weekend was a total whirlwind and truly one of the most exciting and fun times I can remember in my life thus far. Our final days of tech were smooth- the band came in for the first time and that was incredible- they are seriously top notch, and the addition of them to our mix really made everything all the more exciting. We also did a photo call for our production photos- aka the photos that one would see in programs, ads, etc. The shoot basically consists of us getting into certain costumes/moments in the show, no microphones, and posing. Then change to another scene and do it again. It was fun and low key. We also had mornings (afternoons, but feels like mornings to us) where we did clean-up work from the run the night before- fixing transitions, adjusting spacing, going over harmonies, etc, with a full run at night. We were able to get in about 3 solid runs with the full band/hair/costumes/tech/makeup before our first audience arrived on Thursday night.

Once you’ve rehearsed a show as  thoroughly as we had this one, an audience is really what is needed to bring the performances to the next step. To get to hear the reactions, where the laughs are landing, what is being responded to, what’s not, is super important and informative to us as actors. So when the first audience arrived on Thursday night, it was INCREDIBLE. The amount of love being thrown at us was palpable. I definitely had the nervous butterfly feeling before we started the performance, but I think it was mostly due to pure excitement. The adrenaline was pumping throughout the cast. Overall, it was a wonderful first preview, and it was absolutely unreal to see a packed house at the Smith Center (2700 seats) for our very first performance. After the first show, we went out to a ferris wheel on the strip called The HighRoller to celebrate. Its a relatively new attraction, with pods that can fit about 40 people. The entire ride is about 30 minutes and it is an open bar once you pay for the ticket. We had a great time, though our bartender was definitely having as much, if not more fun than we were which resulted in us having to keep him on his game and serve us drinks! Ha! We also went to a little bar afterwards called Squeeze which was phenomenal- yummiest drinks- highly recommend!

My agent was also in town to see the show- she has 2 clients, including myself in Kinky Boots. So we had breakfast with her on Friday morning at The Sugar Factory- a place I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. Delicious! It was great to get to spend time with her and we even squeezed in some shopping.

Friday night and Saturday afternoon were 2 more “preview” performances, and finally opening night, Saturday, arrived! Adam was in town for opening night which made me so happy- one of my best friends, Chris, was there as well to support. When we arrived to the Saturday evening show, our dressing rooms were a sea of flowers and RED. Gifts from our director, producers, fellow actors, flowers from family, friends, etc- it was a huge party backstage. We received sweatshirts from Jerry Mitchell with the hashtag #fullout on the front and the Kinky Boots logo on the back (LOVE!) and a hat with the Kinky boots logo on the front from our producers, plus various other gifts, such as slippers, socks, alcohol, earrings and more.

The performance that night and the energy we received from the crowd was indescribable. I immediately got tears in my eyes as soon as we began the finale. People were going nuts- as they had been all night- but it was in that moment that I truly realized what a special gift I’d been given. I have cerebrally known this throughout the process so far, but for the first time, it hit me right in my heart- I am part of this cast and I am an integral part of this team, telling this story that can change the world. It made me reflect in the moment on what a journey this has been for me. I saw the show twice in New York, and was actually up for roles in the show multiple times over the past 2 years. I truly felt in my heart that eventually I would be a part of the company, and now the time was here- I was onstage, singing the finale with my cast. It brought out emotions in me that I truly didn’t expect in that moment. It sounds incredibly cheesy, I know, but the truth is that this was the culmination of hard work, dedication, and dreams coming true all in one moment. This business is not an easy one to be in, but when you stay true to yourself and give 100 percent of your talent, focus, and dedication, amazing things can and do happen. And no matter how many times things don’t go your way (and trust me, its most of the time), the power and the will to keep trying, keep pushing, keep working, praying, dreaming, is what got me to this place. Chance and luck is such a minimal part of it.  It’s work. And in that moment, I saw the payoff flashing before my eyes in the brightest colors imaginable.

The Opening Night party was on the 5th floor lobby of the Smith Center, a huge and gorgeous room with food, drink, a beautifully designed cake, and a step and repeat which we took photos on all night! It was wonderful having so many members of the team in one room, from creatives, to crew, to management, to cast, family, friends, etc. Though we had a blast, we had to remember to be conscious of the fact that the next day we had 2 performances. However, the following evening (Sunday), Jerry Mitchell organized a wonderful party for the cast at the SLS casino which was a blast- and let me tell you, the BEST cocktails I have ever had. Guys, there was a SALTED AIR MARGARITA, and another drink (I forgot the name) with TRUFFLE OIL in it- HEAVEN!!! I nearly cried when I tasted it. And now, I must go back for more when Adam comes back this upcoming weekend.

Last night, our night off, we went to go see Vegas: The Show at Planet Hollywood with a bunch of our cast. It was a really fun show with so much talent-and on top of that, one of my former castmates from Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway was in the show- I hadn’t seen him in about 15 years, so it was a big reunion for us and we had a drink after to celebrate and catch up. The last time he saw me I was a child-so it definitely was hilarious to see his reaction when he saw me and I told him I was married!

I’m looking forward to this week- my in-laws are in town seeing the show and my mother with a friend of hers will be coming as well. And of course, Adam! It should be really exciting! Plus, we get to go see the show O at the Bellagio on Sunday night, which I am freaking out with excitement over!

Below are a few photos, but again, I’m purposefully not sharing too many because I’m working on an exciting press project- stay tuned:)


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Post #2- tech week!

Hi readers! Well, due to the fact that Jerry Mitchell is the greatest director EVER, our tech process was quick, smooth, fun, and we got done ahead of schedule! Seriously, working on this show is a dream.

We arrived in Vegas on Monday, and immediately put our bags down in our hotel rooms and went straight to the pool. It is so incredibly hot here, but anybody who knows me well is aware that I am in a constant state of being cold and there is no such thing as being too warm for me. I could be in Aruba in the dead of summer and still be freezing. Therefore, I am LIVING for this heat. Seriously, bring it on. We spent our first night in Vegas going out to Chipendales- a total blast and lots of hearty laughs. We were a bit jet lagged and exhausted so we crashed soon after.

Tuesday morning, we started tech. For most of us, we hadn’t seen our wigs styled or gotten a chance to see our final outfits (we had various fittings throughout the pre-rehearsal and rehearsal process, but until we see the final picks, it’s always fun suspense waiting to see). We spent the first few hours of tech rehearsal  in total awe of each other’s various looks and the fact that we were finally getting to play on the real stage with all of the elements. The sewing machine I had been pretending to work with was now real and in front of my eyes and hands!  My wig is short and very curly-absolutely adorable and fun- I’ll share a photo soon! For most of the show, I get to be in jeans and various tanks/tops/sweaters with sneakers, so I am VERY comfortable. There are a few scenes where I am a different character (a nurse, a fashonista, a bartender) so I have some different/fun outfits thrown in there, and of course the finale is FULL OUT and my personal favorite costume! Anyway, Tuesday flew by and by the end of the day we had teched about half of Act 1. The next day we finished the act and ran it. I was so proud of our team for working that quickly and so efficiently. Teamwork at its finest!

Thursday was dedicated to Act 2 and if memory serves me correctly, Friday was a clean up rehearsal with a run of Act 2 in the evening. Saturday was our first full run with everything and without stopping (the only thing missing was the orchestra). Everything went really well and America is going to go NUTS over it- we are so excited for our first performance on Thursday! There are a few really quick costume changes that I still have to work with my dressers to tweak, but otherwise I am feeling confident and so pumped. Fun fact- we travel with the same wardrobe supervisors, but in every city, we have new local dressers who are learning the show for the first time in each place. It’s our jobs as the actors who are more familiar with the show to talk them through our changes to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. I can’t really imagine the pressure of that- being asked to learn how to dress actors quickly when they haven’t seen the show and don’t know the context. Our LOLA (KTP), travels with his own dresser, as his track is the most complicated and specific- but other than that, we get new locals in each city. I find that to be one of the most exciting parts of tour- it keeps the show fresh and we are always on our toes.

Sunday and Monday (today) are our off days for the week- usually we get one day off, but the holiday added an extra day. So that’s what we have been up to work wise- now, on to VEGAS!

So far, we have done a lot of gambling (I have been pretty addicted to blackjack for years, thanks to my husband. No, really, THANKS), we’ve been laying out by the pool, hanging out in our hospitality suite ( a common room provided by the hotel for us), and hitting the strip. On Saturday night, some of the ladies and myself went out to a club called Marquee at the Cosmopolitan and pretty much lived our lives to the max. It was a great time and it’s always lovely to have bonding time with the gals! We also had a pre going out drink with our cast mates in the hospitality suite, hosted by our amazing and fearless leader, KTP (who plays Lola). Our cast mates Anne and David who are staying in a rental house about 20 minutes away threw the cast a lovely pool party/bbq yesterday- we had such a great time and we even accepted our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and made a video.  Last night we also played some Cards Against Humanity in my room which always proves to be a good time. Today the plan is to go shopping for an opening night dress- I can’t believe how quickly it’s approaching!

Tuesday will be our first rehearsal with the full band and we can’t wait. It is going to seriously amp us up even more (as if that’s even possible). First we will do a rehearsal on stage with them, called a wandelprobe, where we will do our blocking/choreography without the costumes/hair/makeup so that the sound levels can be balanced and then Tuesday night will be our first full run with the band including all other elements. Adam arrives on Friday, and my mom with a friend of hers will arrive next week- so lots to look forward to!

In terms of photos, I am in the midst of working on a very special and exciting project that involves photos, so I don’t want to share too many today- but I will leave you with the view of our home for the next few weeks- The Smith Center in Las Vegas. This is the house that we get to play to every night- gives me total goosebumps every time I look at it! The photo doesn’t do it justice- there are a few more tiers that I didn’t even capture with my camera. But it is really beautiful!!!