Detroit and Des Moines!

Hi Readers!

Well, it’s been quite a few weeks- we definitely got a dose of reality when we were kicked out of the sunshine of Costa Mesa and shipped off to Detroit, where there was snow on the ground when we arrived at the gate! Although we were all sad to leave the warm weather, I have to say it made me feel nice to be closer to home in Detroit. Back in the eastern time zone! Detroit was crazy because we did 16 shows in a row- yes, I said 16 shows in a row! Because the trip was Costa Mesa to Detroit was so long, it took a few extra days for the set to get there and get set up, therefore, we had to open on a Thursday night, instead of a Tuesday night. Because of the late opening, we had to make up for the lost shows by doing 16 in a row! It actually was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. By the end, we were definitely exhausted, but we got through it and had lots of fun.

The theater in Detroit was tiny, but really charming and nice! The house was a bit smaller than usual, so we had slightly smaller audiences, but they were super responsive and wonderful. Luckily, my hotel was attached to the theater via skywalk, so I didn’t even have to go outside to get to work! How convenient!

Adam came to visit for the 1st weekend in Detroit and we checked out some awesome food spots. We went to a place called 3rd Street Bar that has a pie shop inside of it which was INCREDIBLE. Sweet AND savory pies! So awesome. We also checked out a wonderful mixology bar called The Sugar House- phenomenal drinks and bites to eat! We also tried an Italian restaurant called Ottava Via which was excellent. Seriously, Detroit food nailed it! Scenically, it might not have been my favorite city, but I definitely enjoyed myself. I also went with some cast mates for some awesome Greek food in Greektown at a restaurant called Santorini Estiatorio.

IMG_9224 IMG_9265

My cousin Samantha came to see the show! She is a freshman at University of Michigan, so she was able to drive over and see me! It was really nice to see her and meet her sorority sister! That night, we were also celebrating KTP’s last show before moving to Broadway for the next 3 months, so we all went out afterward, which was really fun.

One regret I have is that I wish I had gone to the auto show while I was there. I just didn’t get around to it, but it seemed like it was really cool, so, next time It’ll be a must see!

Next, it was off to Des Moines for a week- another place I’ve never been! I have to say, the week flew, and there was not much to do, but we had a nice time there as well. There was a big blizzard while we were there which made things a bit crazy. We were only staying a few minutes away from the theater, but the snow caused quite a drive! We did have a few people on vacation, out on personal days, so we had to do a few shows with split tracks- always exciting and fun! It was also Darius’ first week as Lola- he did an amazing job and the audiences went crazy! The audiences in Des Moines were the most enthusiastic crowds we have had thus far! We even had a standing ovation DURING the finale. Nope, not during bows, during the finale! Incredible! When we all realized on stage what was going on, we all started to cry, and it was this really incredible moment where we all realized what a powerful story we are telling across the country. It was so special.

Also in Des Moines, because our Music Director Adam Souza was on vacation, Ian Weinberger from NY came to fill in for Ryan, who filled in for Adam. Ian and I got along right away, but the craziest part about the whole situation was that he turned out to be a good friend of my best friend Janna. Such a small world. They went to college together, so it was fun to bond over that. And now I have a new friend in Ian!

So now, we are in Nashville! I know this wasn’t a very exciting entry, but I promise to spice it up soon!