Denver and LA!

Hi Kinky Readers!

Life has been pretty fabulous- this tour is such a blast to be on- the show, the people, the cities- I’m having so much fun exploring and performing.

Last time I wrote, I had just arrived in Denver, and now I have just one week left of LA. So, let’s go back and talk a little bit about DENVER!

I had a blast staying with my friend Julia and her adorable baby boy, Elias. We got to bond and play- such fun. It was also wonderful to get to see Julia and spend time exploring Louisville and Boulder- really lovely.


Julia’s home was wonderful and so comfy! It is truly so nice to be in a home after spending so much time in hotels. It was a bit of a drive from her home to the theater, but I actually quite enjoyed it. I love driving! I only had major traffic one night, and other than that, it was smooth sailing. Julia also came to see the show, which was awesome. I love having friends in the audience in unfamiliar cities.

On both weekends, I transferred my stuff 7 minutes away to our friends Eric and Laura’s house, also in Louisville. They have twin boys, Finn and Will, who were an absolute blast to spend time with. Adam and Eric met at a music conference in college and have remained close ever since. When Adam visited on both weekends, he wanted to spend time with their family, so we stayed there, which was also lovely and comfy! We got to play with the boys, go on petty cab rides, be outside in their yard, and cook- well, Eric cooked, at least. YUM! Below are me and the boys, Will and Finn, as well as a photo of us with Eric and Laura.


We had lots of great meals in Denver, near the theater and in Louisville. We walked around the city, went to the 16th street mall, went bowling,  Eric took Adam up to Red Rock, which I hear was beautiful. Adam and I tried a wonderful restaurant called Vesta Dipping Grill, one of Denver’s top restaurants. It’s a place that’s known for their various sauces, so each entree you ordered came with 3 choices of sauce on the side. We really loved it. It was also nice to get to spend time with Grace’s mom, Mary, who was in town as well. We had drinks and snacks after the shows on multiple nights and even found an amazing champagne bar in Larimer Square called Corridor 44- delicious.

The theater in Denver was gorgeous and HUGE. It was seriously a maze backstage and it took me a solid few days to get my bearings and figure out how to get from my dressing room to the stage. The audiences continued to be fabulous and so responsive- we are so lucky to have some of the greatest audiences, ever!

We celebrated HALLOWEEN in Denver! Now, I’m usually not such a big fan of Halloween. First of all, I hate spending time/energy/money on something I am going to wear once, and I just don’t find the holiday in general to be all that exciting, Plus, picking a fun/witty/creative costume stresses me out for some reason. So when Sarah, our makeup supervisor approached me about being part of an Addams Family costume, I immediately told her, SURE, as long as you help me and tell me what to wear! I was chosen to be Uncle Fester, how appropriate! So I got to wear a bald cap and get my makeup done by Sarah, who is seriously phenomenal. We had a total blast, and everyone loved our costume. Some of our crew members threw us a company Halloween party at one of the hotels, which was awesome and lots of fun. Enjoy the photos! Don’t I look sexy?

IMG_8105 IMG_8073 IMG_8075 IMG_8076 IMG_8078 IMG_8085 IMG_8104 IMG_8094 IMG_8095 IMG_8099 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8102

Next, we were off to LA. It was really great, because Adam was with me in Denver and traveled with me to LA. Not only do I cherish every moment I get to spend with my husband, but it was especially wonderful having him to lug around my 200 pounds of crap I travel on tour with me 😉 We flew early Monday morning and picked up our rental car. We drove to Malibu, which is where we stayed for one night with our good friend, Jim, who has an absolutely stunning house here. Jim was a wonderful tour guide for the day, driving us all over Los Angeles, from Rodeo Drive, to the Griffith Observatory, all the way to Hollywood. We had an amazing and very chic lunch at Fred’s, at the top of Barney’s in Beverly Hills. My gosh, everyone is just so beautiful here. I have never been to LA and neither has Adam, so we were both totally loving it. We got to see the Hollywood sign at the top of the Griffith Observatory- too cool, and then we went to visit the hand/footprints in Hollywood. We also  had a phenomenal dinner at a restaurant in Malibu called Moonshadows.

IMG_2864 IMG_2868 IMG_2871 IMG_2882 IMG_2907 IMG_2910 IMG_2913 IMG_2921

The next morning, Adam drove with me back to downtown LA where I checked into the Biltmore hotel (AKA, the Ghostbusters movie hotel) for the week. Apparently, it’s haunted, and let me tell you- I felt like it was haunted, especially the first night! All throughout the night, I kept hearing odd noises and voices. So freaky! But, it was a beautiful hotel and I really loved staying there. Adam then had to leave- boo- so I drove him to the airport and got ready for opening night!

Opening Night in LA was amazing- the creative team was there, Jerry, Cyndi, Harvey, Stephen, as well as our amazing producers. I was able to invite Jim, my lovely host in Malibu, as well as his beautiful and sweet girlfriend, Brooke, to the opening night performance and party afterwards. The party was held at Beso, which is Eva Longoria and Todd English’s restaurant right in Hollywood. The show went wonderfully and the party was a blast! It was so nice to get dressed up and see our whole Kinky Boots family- a truly incredible night! IMG_2934 IMG_2936 IMG_2938 IMG_2943 IMG_8188 IMG_8204

Some other fun things I’ve done in LA so far:

– A Hollywood mansion tour-OMG- a must do! We got to drive through the Hollywood Hills as well as Beverly Hills and check out celebrity houses- Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Quentin Tarantino, Jonah Hill, Aaron Paul, Drew Carey, Courtney Cox, Bruno Mars, Ceelo Green, Justin Timberlake, Halle Berry, just to name a few. Of course, being the entertainment junkie that I am, I was in awe the entire time and on the edge of my seat. What. A. Stalker.

– Runyon Canyon hike with my friend from college, Alanna, who moved out here recently! Alanna is an awesome tour guide and showed me around LA a bunch- we did The Grove, Santa Monica, Runyon, etc. The hike was difficult, and I am determined to go back with Adam and take a stab at one of the even harder trails. I really enjoyed it which is very unlike me. I’m notorious for hating nature. My husband likes to point out (accurately) how I consider the roof deck at our NYC apartment nature, and I don’t even enjoy sitting out there.But the sights out here are so phenomenal, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy being outdoors. It’s so wonderful getting to spend time with Alanna out here- she’s a blast and one of my great friends!

IMG_8396 IMG_8398 IMG_8395 IMG_8399 IMG_8403

-A ladies dinner with all (well, most) of the gals from Kinky Boots. I organized a little casual dinner in between shows one night at The Bowery (in Hollywood) for the ladies of Kinky Boots. It’s always nice to spend time with them all!


-Clubs! Grace, Emily (her sister), and I, made sure to check out some awesome clubs in LA. I have to say, I enjoy the scene out here. We even partied with Urkel one night (well, the actor who played him at least!) Grace loves doing makeup, and so one night she beat my face before we out for the evening and Grace Stockdale’d me. Enjoy.

10394500_10153417170858298_6168180944783575239_n IMG_8370 IMG_8373

-We are currently collecting money for BCEFA (Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids)- a wonderful charity that the Broadway community supports. Besides signed posters, backstage tours, other fun swag, one of the items available for purchase is a raffle ticket that you can put into a drawing to win a walk on role in our show, here in LA. The winner of the first raffle was a sweet man named Chris Ryan, who had never been on stage before! He got to be in 4 different scenes and did an awesome job. Here’s a pic of us with him before he went on, in drag! So much fun and such a clever idea for charity! IMG_8435

-We’ve gone to some amazing meals, like The Ivy, Villa Blanca, Hugo’s, Cafe Gratitude, and when Adam comes we are trying Spago, Osteria Mozza, Pump, Bazaar, and I’m sure plenty more! All delicious. Below are some photos from The Ivy and Hugo’s (where I met up with some of my college girlfriends, Amy, Carrie and Alanna). Carrie and Alanna came to the show that night, which I loved!

10270475_2289872000616_7754072844315307207_n 10420381_10153424364158298_896126260269375553_n

-Got to spend time with my friend Jenny out in Santa Clarita and got a lovely tour of that area as well! Also saw my name twin, Blair Goldberg, for dinner! Yes, I have a friend, who is male, named Blair Goldberg. You can’t make this shit up.

-After a week at the Biltmore, I moved back to Malibu to spend some time at Jim’s place again, this time for a more extended stay. It is simply beautiful out here and I am so comfortable and cozy. Take a look at the view I wake up to every morning. I am so thankful to him for letting me stay!


Adam gets here Wednesday and will stay with me, here in Malibu through Sunday, when he will leave and I will begin my trip to San Francisco. I will be driving there by myself, and am really looking forward to it! I’ll be staying the majority of the time with my cousins, Scott and Howard, who I adore and can’t wait to see! Plus, my one year wedding anniversary will be in SF, 12/21, and Adam says he has something special planned! I cannot wait!!

Anyway, that’s all for now! Thanks for reading- I know this was a long post! Hope you all enjoyed!